In the left toolbar, please find online resources. The IRC recognizes the importance of online resources in order to improve access to help and programming, even when caregivers and their loved ones are at home. The resources are important in order to build a sense of schedule and provide continuity and support. The buttons on the left are a collection of links that lead to websites that provide programming that can be accessed online.  The IRC wants to provide information and be the guide to giving individuals in Illinois the resources and support that meets their needs. Please use the links to find information and support from a variety of organizations that may be useful to you. 

The Northwest Special Recreation Association (NWSRA) is offering free, online Zoom programming. Through their activity center on their website, linked to the left, families can access the Zoom calls in order to participate in the virtual programming. Linked here, you can also see a PDF of how to join Zoom, what the programs are, and the intended audience of each program. 

If you have any questions or want more specific help and support from the IRC, please contact us at  630.207.8479   or email us at:    ilrespitecoalition@gmail.com


All the links provided are due in part to the work of agencies across the state of Illinois and the nation who dedicate time, effort and care to each of the programs and services that they provide. Without these organizations and many more,  thousands of families would not get the care and support that they need. We are proud to be a statewide respite coalition that is able to work among many other leaders and support workers.