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*Individuals who are on state waivers and/or receiving respite services from other agencies are not eligible for emergency respite funding.

“I had no other help and no way to afford it.  My daughter was diagnosed with Autism, global communication disorder, and food refusal at three years old.  I am very limited on who can watch her and even more limited on who would be willing… The IRC gave me a long overdue break and I can’t explain with words how much it helped me.  I felt so isolated and overstressed and the respite the IRC provided was a lifesaver.” – Caregiver in East Alton, IL

​​“The Illinois Respite Coalition helped my family greatly during our recent pregnancy by providing Emergency Respite funding to allow a trained respite worker to come into our home and help take care of our daughter who has significant disabilities.  This has been a huge relief to our family.  Caring for my daughter has become very physically challenging for me during the pregnancy, but the Emergency Respite funding has allowed my husband to continue working all the while ensuring our daughter’s care and safety needs are met.” – Caregiver in Champaign, IL

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Crisis situations that may qualify for the  Emergency Respite Program include, but are not limited to the following circumstances*:

  • Caregiver illness (physical, mental, and/or emotional)
  • Caregiver hospitalization or doctor appointments
  • Illness of a loved one
  • Funeral or wake
  • Drug or alcohol abuse counseling or support
  • Care recipient transitions (i.e. living arrangements)
  • Loss of employment or work related situations

What is the Emergency Respite Program?

The Illinois Respite Coalition is dedicated to creating a safety net for caregivers in crisis. The Emergency Respite Program offers funding and resources to support caregivers of children and adults with special needs who are not receiving any respite services and have an urgent need for respite care in the absence of any other funding source. 

If you have any questions on Emergency Respite or would like to apply for Emergency Respite Care funding, please contact:

Illinois Respite Coalition
(630) 207-8479  or ilrespitecoalition@gmail.com

There is currently no funding for this program. However, we have in-home respite opportunities in over 20 counties in Central and Southern Illinois through a DHS funded grant. Call us to be linked with respite in your area.