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Updated August 2019  Illinois Respite Coalition

No matter where you fit in the respite world, the Illinois Respite Coalition will be a support system for you.  We have referral resources to connect caregivers to respite programs, access to statewide training opportunities, and can show you where to make the biggest impact to help caregivers in Illinois.

For more information, please contact us.

A link Elizabeth Dole Foundation's newest fact sheet called: "9 Steps to Respite Care for Military Caregivers" and other informational resources can be found at the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center website !  

Go to our Facebook  page to read our Navigating the New Normal section! Our goal is to create content that addresses caregiver needs, resource questions, and to be a source of trusted information during the reopening process.

Please  click here to view the most recent webinar "The Fundamentals of Respite Care" posted in March through the  ARC of Illinois that features IRC Director Tina Yurik. 

Click here for the Respite Guide handout  used in March's webinar to find an overview of some resources available to caregivers.

In every community across the state of Illinois, family members are becoming caregivers for their loved ones. 
The Illinois Respite Coalition is here to help.
The IRC is monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. Use these links to the CDC, World Health Organization, and Illinois Department of Public Health to stay up to date with trusted information.