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Toll-Free Statewide Respite Phone: 866-ILL-RESP or    866-455-7377
Fax:  (224) 616-3054


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Email: ilrespitecoalition@gmail.com

Updated October 2022 by the  Illinois Respite Coalition

No matter where you fit in the respite world, the Illinois Respite Coalition will be a support system for you.  We have referral resources to connect caregivers to respite programs, access to statewide training opportunities, and can show you where to make the biggest impact to help caregivers in Illinois.

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​​​​​Interested in getting Respite Care Provider training free and online? Click here to go to our training website for more information.

​​Caregiver Statewide Survey: Please fill out this survey to provide feedback to us and the state about caregivers' experiences getting respite care. Survey open until March 3rd. Click HERE or the icon below to reach the survey.

Need emergency assistance? The IRC can help. Click on the graphic below to learn about our Emergency Respite Care Program

In every community across the state of Illinois, family members are becoming caregivers for their loved ones. 
The Illinois Respite Coalition is here to help.