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Toll-Free Statewide Respite Phone: 866-ILL-RESP 866-455-7377 ext. 101 for english

or ext. 103 for Spanish-speakers

Fax:  (224) 616-3054


Located Statewide
Email: ilrespitecoalition@gmail.com

Updated October 2022 by the  Illinois Respite Coalition

From respite and referral services, to statewide training opportunities, the IRC is here to help caregivers and their loved ones across the state and lifespan. Founded in 1998 as a grassroots organization, the IRC has been and continues to strive to meet caregivers' expressed needs through services, referral and advocacy. 

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In every community across Illinois, family members are becoming caregivers for their loved ones. 
The Illinois Respite Coalition is here to help.