Caregiver Resources

Updated October 2022 by the Illinois Respite Coalition

National Alliance for Caregiving

National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) is a non-profit coalition dedicated to improving quality of life for friend and family caregivers and those in their care, by advancing research, advocacy, and innovation. NAC also develops national best-practice programs, and works to increase public awareness of family caregiving issues. 

Phone: (202) 918-1013|  Address: 1730 Rhode Island Ave. N.W., Ste. 812, Washington D.C., 20036  |  Website


Toll-Free Statewide Respite Phone: 866-ILL-RESP or    866-455-7377

Fax:  (224) 616-3054


Located Statewide



AARP is a United States–based interest group focusing on issues affecting those over the age of fifty. AARP can help navigate your role as a caregiver. Use their website to find more information about AARP in your state and city. 

Phone: (888) 687-2277|  Address: 601 E. Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20049  |  Website

Family Caregiver Alliance

Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) has their programs, resources and services with caregiver's unique needs in mind. FCA offers support, specific information and other help in order to manage caregiving's demands. On their website you can find the Family Care Navigator.  

Phone: (800)-455-8106  |  Address: 101 Montgomery St., Ste. 2150, San Francisco, CA 94104 |  Website

Resources for Caregivers

The Illinois Respite Coalition is dedicated to connecting family caregivers to resources in their area.  Please see below for different opportunities available to caregivers.

For one on one assistance to resources in your area, please contact:

Illinois Respite Coalition 
866-ILL-RESP or 866-455-7377 ext. 104

Illinois Family Caregiver Coalition

The Illinois Family Caregiver Coalition is an inclusive, statewide, non-partisan coalition to support unpaid and informal caregivers. Support is provided through discussion of best practices in Illinois, the creation of a public awareness campaign about caregiving, and recommendations for policy changes in IL.

Phone: (773) 727-9340  |  Email:  |  Website

Caregiver Action Network

Caregiver Action Network provides information and education for family caregivers, including a volunteer in over 40 states. 

Phone: (855) 227-3640|  Address: 1150 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Ste. 501 Washington, D.C. 20036  |  Website

Helpful Links:

  • The ABC's of Respite: Presented by the ARCH National Respite Network, this is a great resource for caregivers to learn about the different types of respite, how to choose a respite provider, and how to pay for respite services.