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Updated August  2019 by the Illinois Respite Coalition


Toll-Free Statewide Respite Phone: 866-ILL-RESP or    866-455-7377 ext. 101 or ext. 103 for Spanish-speakers

Fax:  (224) 616-3054

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a caregiver?  A caregiver is an unpaid family member or other adult or                                                     foster parent who provides in-home monitoring, management, supervision, or treatment                                                         of a child or adult with needs.  A caregiver may, but need not, reside in the same household                                                 as the care recipient.

What is Respite Care?  Respite care is the planned or unplanned provision of intermittent and temporary substitute care of supervision of a child or adult with special needs on behalf of and in the absence of the primary caregiver for the purpose of providing temporary relief from the stress and responsibilities of providing constant care, so as to enable the caregiver to continue the provision of care in the home.

What is Emergency Respite?  Emergency respite is the placement of an in-home respite care work or during an unplanned or planned event; or the temporary placement of the care recipient outside the home to substitute for the caregiver.

What constitutes an Emergency?  An emergency is an unplanned event that results in the unavoidable absence of the primary caregiver or back up caregiver from the home.

What does the Illinois Respite Coalition do?  The IRC is dedicated to spreading awareness to the importance of Lifespan Respite, promoting education and training for families and providers of respite services, and advocating support for families by ensuring access to quality respite services for the residents of Illinois.